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At R&B Improvements, we do it all! (well almost all).

Our team is experienced in many areas of property improvement, custom ceramic tile work, complete automotive detailing, landscape design and installation, and more.  Our mission ? It's a simple one:

"To use our God given talents to provide the very best of service to our clients, at a fair and honest price"

Our services are based on the needs of our clients. What do we do?

  • Do you wish you had more living space?  Do you have an unfinished basement?  Let us show you how to put it to use.
  • Do you need a hot water tank replaced ? We do that.  Battery Back Up Sump Pump ?. We can do it.
  • Do you need new kitchen cabinets ?  No problem. Kitchen just need some improvement?We improved this one
  • Can't afford new cabinets right now ? We'll refinish them at a fraction of the cost. We did it to these.
  • How about a new hardwood floor ?. Yep, we do that.  Look here
  • How does that vehicle of yours look ?. Not as good as it used to? We can make it look like new with our complete vehicle appearance
    improvement service.  W
    e specialize in SWIRL REMOVAL < click here to see an example
  • Fireplace need some updating? We've done it. Check this fireplace out
  • Need a new deck?  We've built several and can build one for you. Here's an example
  • How about some new crown moulding in your family room with accent lighting ?. Never seen something like that ?...click here --->  Crown/Lights
  • How's that landscaping looking?. Need a new look ?...
  • Do you have photos of your children growing up that you'd like to turn into a keepsake for them ?. Perhaps a 50th wedding anniversary you'd like to make special with a video tribute to the special couple ? With our Video Services you'll get the personal touch these events deserve.

Take a look around the site. Look at some of the pictures in the Photo Gallery. Just ask and we'll give you names and numbers of our customers if you'd like to check out our work. So, let us know what you need done by clicking theContact Us which appears on the left hand side of every page, and filling out the brief contact form. Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Check out what some of our customers are saying about us on our Testimonial Page (click link). Are you a satisified customer ? We'd love to hear what you think about your experience with R&B Improvements.  We appreciate it !!!

 Thanks for your interest in our services and we look forward to serving you.

Rick and Bill - R&B Improvements